Keeping billions of pounds of cash in circulation
Keeping billions of pounds of cash in circulation

The Cash Industry

It’s easy to take it for granted that there’ll be money in your nearest ATM machine, or cash in the till of your local supermarket. But how is money kept in circulation, and delivered to where it’s needed? This is the role of the cash industry.

The cash cycle is largely based on notes and coins being delivered into cash processing centres from businesses where money changes hands. The biggest of these sectors is retail, but there are a huge range of others including the hospitality and leisure industries.

In the processing centres, the money is accurately counted and credited to the customer. (The centres also check for, and remove, forgeries and worn out cash.) After this, the money’s returned to circulation via bank branches and ATMs across the country. Cash in transit companies are responsible for the secure movement of cash between retailers, bank branches, ATMs and cash centres.

At Vaultex, we are the largest providers of cash-processing services in the country.

The Cash Cycle

Cash Cycle

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